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Do you know what every Muslim should know?

There are certain knowledges that every Muslims should have and which will allow him to take flight to the Real

The fardu-l-ain, or the individual obligation, refers to what every Muslim has to know; that is, the knowledge regarding a correct belief, or aquidah, the knowledge of theibadat, the actions of worship (those which are obligatory), and the knowledge of themuamalat, his daily transactions (those in which he engages). Read more...

Preserving the Quran is a communal obligation

Shaykh Amr, Quran teacher of the Mayurqa Academy, helps a student read his lauh.

A communal obligation means that it is an obligation that falls upon the entire community and if a group of them puts it into practice, then the entire community has fulfilled it. But if no one does it, then each individual of the community is held responsible for it. Read more…

Who are the Hufad and what does it mean to be a Hafid

Sidi Amr, the Quran teacher at Mayurqa Academy, teaching some students in the out side area of our premises

The word hafid in Arabic comes from the root h-f-d, which means to preserve, to protect and to memorize. Therefore, those who are hafid are tho who have memorized the Quran, are their protectors and preserve it for the next generations. Read more…


1 Year Foundational

Our one year foundational course is designed for those who wish to take a break from their regular studies and spend a year learning the sciences of the Deen and the Quran. It is also the first requisite year of every student that intends to complete the 4 year hifdh (memorisation) program.

4 Year Hifdh

Our four year Hifdh (memorisation) program is designed specifically for those who wish to memorise the Qur’an in its entirety. The first year of study is the same as the ‘1 Year Foundational’ course. But If you have studied previously, you might enroll directly.


The Mayurqa Academy aims to make a sound and positive understanding of Islam accessible to all, especially in its modern European context. With this aim in mind, the Academy will organise seminars throughout the year that will be open to the public.

Helps us to carry on

There are many ways that you can collaborate with us, these are just few of them

Sponsor a Student

You can sponsor a student with the monthly fees. This is available for students of our 1 Year Foundational or 4 years Hifdh courses. You can do this anonymously or we can let you know which student will you sponsor and you will receive quarterly reports on his progress. Contact us to know more about this option. 

Monthly Contribution

You can contribute on a monthly basis. With a contribution of 50€ a month during one year, you would have a 50% discount in one of our seminar of your election.

This is ideal if you would like to help us and you are also interested in our regular seminars.

Zakat Donation

We fall into the categories that are legally allowed to receive Zakat. If you would like to sponsor us with your Zakat we will send you a report of how your Zakat was spent.

If you like, we can also put you in touch with someone that can help you assessing your Zakat.

Our next 3 Month Foundational course starts 1st of November 2016

The three-month foundational course is designed to be taken in the summer break of regular secondary school or university courses. It is also ideal for those who wish to acquire a further understanding of the Deen but cannot commit to long term study.


We are open to new ideas

If you have a proposal that you think it can be interesting for the Mayurqa Academy, we would love to hear it. It can be a course that you would like to organize, a collaboration with your institution, or any other thing. Feel free to contact us!