3 Months Foundational

Begin now your quest for knowledge

The next commencement date for this course is the 1st of November

The three-month foundation course is designed to be taken in the summer break of regular secondary school or university courses. It is also ideal for those who wish to acquire a further understanding of the Deen but cannot commit to long term study.

This course will explore the necessary knowledge that each Muslim must have to be able to practice the Deen in a correct way on a day to day basis. It will go through purification, belief, prayer (salat), Zakat, Fasting and Hajj. Thus giving the student the ability to complete all of the pillars of the Deen in a correct way.

The student will also learn how to read and write in Arabic and will memorize between one and three hizb (between half and one and a half juz) or potentially more depending on each individual capacities and previous knowledge. Students will also learn the basic rulings of a correct recitation (tajweed).

The student will learn the basic and most important Arabic terminology of the Quran, to understand concepts such as Taqwah and Fitrah, which do not have a direct translation, and an overview of the life of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him.

The curriculum will be augmented by other mandatory subjects such as vegetable gardening, team sports and other seminars that might occur during the course. 

  • The 3 months foundational course is open for all males, with a minimum age of 14. This course is a boarding course with a duration of three months.
  • Last day for registration is 25th of October
  • You must have filled in and sent the registration form and paid the registration fee before the 25th of October (Registration fee is non-refundable)
  • The registration form and fee does not gurantee your acceptance. Upon acceptance you are expected to pay 50% of course fee to confirm your place.

Please bare in mind that you will need the following documents:

  • You must fill and sent the application form (before 25th of October)
  • We will need a copy of passport
  • We will also need a letter of consent from your parents (if under 18)
  • Proof of having paid the registration fees (20€ non refundable)