In order to make studying at the Mayurqa Academy accesible for everyone we need your support. We are conscious of the the necessity of making the academy as financially independent as possible, and we are working on several ways for it, but without your help the prices that we would have to charge for tuition, food and accommodation would be prohibitive for most people. We do not want to make a financially elitist academy, but a place where everyone can learn and excel based on their effort and willingness.

We have devised several ways in which you can contribute:

Sponsor a Student

You can sponsor a student with the monthly fees. This is available for students of our 1 Year Foundational or 4 years Hifdh courses. You can do this anonymously or we can let you know which student will you sponsor and you will receive quarterly reports on his progress. Contact us to know more about this option. 

Monthly Contribution

You can contribute on a monthly basis. With a contribution of 50€ a month during one year, you would have a 50% discount in one of our seminar of your election.

This is ideal if you would like to help us and you are also interested in our regular seminars.

Zakat Donation

We fall into the categories that are legally allowed to receive Zakat. If you would like to sponsor us with your Zakat we will send you a report of how your Zakat was spent.

If you like, we can also put you in touch with someone that can help you assessing your Zakat.

Sponsor a Seminar

We host seminars open to the public regularly. If you would like to sponsor to one, please get in touch to study the possibilities. Alternatively if you would like to sponsor someone to attend to one of our seminars, you can sponsor it in advance and we will accept one attendant that request it free of charge on your behalf.

Sponsor utility bills

If you would like to help us with our running costs, you can sponsor a monthly electricity bill or food bill. The average is 600€ every two months for electricity and 1000€ for food. This will be a once off contribution, if you would like to make recurring, please contact us. 

Small Monthly

Any contribution that you can make is always welcome. If you can help us with as little as 5€ a month, you will have access to all our seminars that will be recorded and uploaded.

Everything Helps

Every bit counts. If you would like to make a once off contribution of any quantity, we will be very grateful.

For security reasons all our donations are handled by Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, that’s fine. Choose the option “Pay with credit or debit card” to continue. The process will be the same.

If you prefer to make a direct transfer to our bank account, you can also do it towards this account:

Bank’s Name: Banco Santander
ACC Holder: Comunidad Islámica Aziza Al Hamra
ACC Number: 0049 3187 1329 1404 0906
IBAN Code: ES47 0049 3187 1329 1404 0906
Currency: Euro
Bank’s Direction: C/de Palma, 20, 07330, Consell

We are open to hear ideas about collaboration or ways to contribute. If you want to propose something that it not here, pleas let us know!

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