Life at Mayurqa Academy

Living arrangements and discipline

Alongside studying, a very important part of this course is service. We learn to serve by doing it, and therefore the students will be expected to participate in all the daily chores, such as cooking and cleaning. Of course, this will be done under strict supervision, paying special attention to cleanliness, and in groups that will take turns, so that everyone contributes equally and there is order and harmony. A weekly menu is prepared to ensure the correct balance in the diet.

The students will be staying in shared rooms of two or three, in bunk beds and each one with their own shelf space.  We have extra accommodation for those who come for shorter courses. 

Free time

After the time dedicated studying, exercise and gardening, the daily chores and homework, there will be little free time left, and the students will be exhausted. Nevertheless, some time will be ensured to spend together and enjoy each other’s company. During the weekends (which will be Fridays and Saturdays) students can attend the Jumuah in one of the neighbouring mosques, visit the main city, Palma (which is 25 minutes away by train, and there is a train station five minutes away from the academy on foot) or any of the surrounding towns.

During the duration of the course, some of the weekends will be used to go on hikes to the beautiful Majorcan mountains and a historic tour of the city to discover the Islamic history of Majorca.

The students can also relax and interact in the premises of the Academy, which have extensive gardens and rooms for that purpose.

If you would like to know more or have specific questions regarding the student’s life at Mayurqa Academy, please email us.