Study Method and Schedule

The main subject of study at the Mayurqa Academy is the memorisation of Quran, but equally important are the sciences that will help a correct understanding of it.

The students will dedicate daily four compulsory hours to the study of Quran and two compulsory hours to the study of Arabic, Tajweed, Fiqh and Sirah (in different days throughout the week). The study programme will be completed with an hour of gardening and an hour of sports (each student will have an allotted and manageable small plot of land to take care and cultivate, which will be done under supervision).

These are the eight compulsory hours of studying. Nevertheless, they will have homework to do from each subject and they might have to dedicate more time to the study of Quran to keep up the pace.  

The study of Quran is done in the North African traditional method: in a wooden board on which the student writes with a bamboo pen made by themselves after applying a layer of clay to the board.

The board is washed every day and the process (of writing and washing) is done continuously under the supervision of the teacher, who makes sure that they have memorised the portion written, before washing it, and who dictates the next portion

The classes of Arabic, Fiqh and Seerah take place in a separate classroom, especially prepared for it, and the students can study further and do the homework in the library.

Our daily routine is guided by the prayers, which are done in congregation, and we follow the tradition of reciting one hizb (half a juzz) together after Fajr and Maghrib.

If you would like to know more or have any questions about our study method and our schedule, please email us.