The Mayurqa Academy is the inheritor of the Muhammad Wazzani Quranic School which opened on the 15th of July 2000, originally founded by Shaykh Muhammad Wazzani, a Spanish Faqih and scholar of Berber descent and hajj Ahmad Salva, a Majorcan pharmacist, who, along with his family were the financial motor of the school. Since its inception more than 250 students have been through the school with many of them finishing their memorisation of the Quran.

From left to right: Mawlana Wazzani, Hajj Ahmed Salva, students praying, view of the building, and view from the building of the Mayurqa Academy

The school was first established as a result of ever growing necessity for the European Muslim community to educate their children in an Islamic fashion without losing their European identity. This necessity has only increased with the continuous growth of the Muslim population in Europe over recent years.

In 2106, and after going through some difficulties the previous years, it was decided that the model that had been followed up until then had to change, the school transitioned from the Quranic School into an Academy. The main difference being that with the Quranic School the entire focus was put into the memorisation of Quran in the traditional way, whilst the Academy would have an academic program that would include Arabic, Fiqh, Tajweed and Sirah alongside the Quran memorisation program.

The Academy has well-defined boarding courses ranging from a 3 month intensives, to a 1-year foundational course and a 4 year Hifdh program, as well as seminars throughout the year open to the public. The programs also emphasise the importance of service to the community, team sports and the development of a healthy way of life through working in the vegetable gardens that the Academy has. The students will develop an understanding of the Deen that will allow them to function in today’s society and avoid falsehood and extremism.

To summarise, the main objective of the Academy is to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of the Deen in a holistic way and to give them the tools to continue with their studies in more specialised fields of knowledge if they wish to do so.